Carnival In Our Backyard

Carnival time is one not to be taken lightly in Toronto’s Caribbean community, and if you’ve ever been – you know exactly why. It is an event so spectacular, and so entertaining, that over a million people flock from all over Canada, the US, and even overseas just to unite in what’s known today as the largest North American cultural festival.

The Scotiabank Caribbean Carnival, known to most as Caribana, is a parade where a unique explosion of all colors of the rainbow come together to display exuberant feathered and beaded Masquerade costumes worn by an array of beautiful people, who dance all day long to the most upbeat rhythms of: calypso, soca, reggae, and hip hop. These costumes, carefully and expertly hand crafted by the hundreds of volunteers at competing Mas Camps each year, merge into a breath-taking display which kicks off during the King and Queen Showcase. A major part of this celebration includes the skillful brass and steelpan bands blasting live Caribbean vibes, music that could put anybody in a great mood. Lastly, we cannot leave out the lingering aromas of authentic island soul food prepared by vendors from all parts of the Caribbean. Indulge in some of the best doubles or jerk chicken in Toronto while you sip on a refreshing ginger beer.

This affair is one that will never get old. The feeling it brings to people makes them look forward to it time and time again. Imagine wearing a costume where you are literally half-naked, but do not at all feel body conscious regardless of your size. Nobody cares to judge, as everyone is too busy embracing the moment. At Scotiabank Caribbean Carnival you get to let loose around a bunch of people who are endlessly ecstatic. After an experience like this one, you will realize that there really is no other way to party.

By: Chanté Salicksingh

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