5 Tips to Achieve Your 2013 Fitness Goals

Physical activity is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Regular physical activity can help to reduce the risk of premature death and chronic diseases. Regular physical activity will improve your overall health by improving fitness levels and self-esteem, reducing stress, increasing energy and contributing to positive mental health.

You often wonder why so many people are overweight and unhealthy; it’s because they would much rather eat a high fat diet and indulge in junk food rather than go to the gym and eat healthy. With an unhealthy lifestyle there is no wonder why some still have those ever-so-present love handles or like I call it “muffin top”, consider these 5 fat burning tips if you are trying to lose weight this year.

Tip 1
You should hit the gym 3- 4 times a week and have a solid workout routine that includes a full body circuit and at least 30 minutes of cardiovascular training. Make sure your training is at least for 1 hour.

Tip 2
Make sure you have a diet that includes: healthy proteins, vegetables and fruits. Stay away from saturated fats and hydrogenated oils. If you are going to eat carbohydrates you should eat the ones with a low glycemic context such as sweet potatoes and/or brown rice. Your meals should be no more than 300-400 calories.
Eat 3 -4 small meals and try not to eat past 7pm.

Tip 3
Drink at least 2 litres of water per day; water helps with removing toxins from your body and it’s also vital for your organs to function properly.

Tip 4
Avoid soft drinks and sugary fixes, they have no benefits for your body and they are just going to set you back in your fat burning goals.
Soft drinks are tough on your kidneys and sugary drinks play a key role in weight gain because your body stores all the excess sugar that it doesn’t use.

Tip 5
If you are really trying to lose fat and look leaner, then you should get a personal trainer that can help you accomplish these goals. If you can’t afford personal training, then consider enrolling in boot camp classes. A professional trainer or instructor should offer you a diet that will combat your fat loss goals and guide you in the right direction.

Adopt a healthy life style and it will allow your goals to be easily attained, and remember consistency is the key.

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